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To tacklet climate change and achieve the Government’s net zero target, we need to switch from fossil fuels and embrace renewable heating technologies. THe goods news is you don’t need to buy an expensive new heating system — dramatic reductions in your household emissions can be achieved by using your existing heating system and simply changing the type of fuel you use.

Properties that convert from oil heating to HVO will immediately benefit from an 87% reduction in carbon emissions.

What is HVO?

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a fossil-free sustainable biofuel made from 100% renewable waste material. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for heating oil.


How much will it cost?

HVO is more expensive than heating oil and the industry is working with Government to reduce the cost of the fuel. Modern boilers and tanks are bio-compliant and older systems can be converted and a typical cost is less than €500. In comparison, the average cost of a retrofit to include the isntallation of an air source heat pump is €56,000 gross* (reduces to c. €30,000 net of grants).



When will it be available?

HVO is available now and the industry is ready to deliver a wider rollout if the government can provide the necessary policy support.


How can you help?

Write to or email your TD to highlight your interest in affodable green heating solutions such as HVO. Template letters and more information are available at https://futurereadyfuel.info

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